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                                    About us

                                    Dandong City Yangguang Instrument Co.,Ltd (DDYG) is located in the attractive Sino-Korean boundary city---Dandong. Founded in December, 2003, DDYG is established from the original Dandong Radiation Group Company Nuclear Instrument Factory, which is the professional manufacturer of gamma radiographic equipment with its history of 20 years.
                                    The main products of DDYG include: Co-60 Gamma Radiographic Equipment, Ir-192 Gamma Radiographic Equipment, Se-75 Gamma Radiographic Equipment, Butt-end Welds Gamma Detector, X-ray &Gamma-ray Pipeline Crawler, Portable X-ray Flaw Detector, Laboratory Alarming Instrument, accessories, and etc.



                                    Miaoling Jiuliancheng Town Zhen’an District, Dandong Liaoning, 118006
                                    Tel: +86-415-4165033(CN)
                                    Tel: +86-18129220421(RU)
                                    E-mail: rays-ndt@ddyg.com(CN) 1525520483@qq.com(RU)


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